Doctor Profile

Dr. Ayesha Irshad

General Medicine

Dr. Ayesha Irshad is working as a General Practitioner at Aster Clinics, Bahrain. She completed her MBBS from Rawalpindi Medical College, Punjab University, Pakistan in the year 2003. Followed to which she completed her Diploma in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University, UK in the year 2012. She also became a Member of Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) UK in the year 2015. Dr. Ayesha has experience in treating patients with skin diseases like acne, atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, photodermatosis, vitilgo, flexual rashes, leg ulcers, pigmentary disorders, bullous disorders, contact dermatitis, drug eruptions, facial rashes, hair problems, infections of the skin, pigmented lesions (melanoma, non-melanoma), vasculitis & actnic keratosis.


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