Doctor Profile

Dr. S. Vijayashri Sakthi


Dr. S. Vijayashri is working as a Specialist Orthodontist at Aster Clinic, Sanad. She being an Esthetic Orthodontic Specialist has more than 3 years of experience after her post graduation. She completed her MDS in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics from The Tamilnadu Dr MGR University , Chennai, India, in the year 2013. Dr. Sakthi’s fields of interest include Corticotomy assisted Orthodontic treatment, Self Ligation in Orthodontics and Accelerated Orthodontics. She is a trained professional in Myofunctional appliances ,Straight Wire Appliance, Interceptive Orthodontic treatment and Surgically assisted Orthodontic treatment.



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