Aster Clinic conducted a series of ‘Stress Management’ workshops

December 3, 2016

Aster Medical Centre conducted a series of ‘Stress Management’ workshops reaching
over 300 employees from 11 establishments. Employees, staff and management members
from Babasons and MegaMart Group, JBF Company, Awal Gulf Manufacturing
Company, Gulf Hotel, Sacred Hearts School, VIVA, Gulf Electronic Management
Systems Company (GEMS), Apparel Group, Mondelez, Telecommunications Regulatory
Authority (TRA) participated in the event. “This workshop came with great importance
and relevance to Bahrain’s dedicated work force as they handle critical responsibilities
in their daily lives that lead to inevitable high stress levels,” said Dr. Krishnakumar,
workshop instructor and General Surgeon Specialist at Aster Medical Centre. Dr.
Krishnakumar has over 20 years of experience in general, colo‐rectal and laparoscopic